At Link Advice, we understand the importance of providing a scalable superannuation solution to make advice both accessible and affordable to your members. We achieve this through developing partnerships with superannuation funds, to provide their members with personal and general superannuation advice via the telephone.

This outbound service gives members access to the advice they need, at a time chosen by them, without having to physically visit a specific location. As part of the appointment, one of our advisers will review the member’s details, identify and listen to any areas of concern and when required, provide personal or general advice. When personal advice is provided, the member will receive a Statement of Advice, written in a format that is clear and easy to understand. We also provide general advice guides and factual information sheets for times when an appointment does not lead to personal advice. We strive to provide the most appropriate advice solution for members.

See our FAQ page for more information on personal and general advice topic areas.

Link Advice provides an advice service that supports retention of members through quality advice

Our digital advice solution, Super Blueprint (SBP) 3.0 provides an intra-fund advice journey to your superannuation members. Digital advice globally is still finding its place - but in Australia, there are opportunities for funds to embrace this new technology and blend it with other forms of advice to build and deliver a convenient, holistic advice model to members.

Super Blueprint can be embedded on your funds member portal using APIs to ensure a seamless advice journey by pre-populating member details. The solution uses a proprietary algorithm, developed over 10 years and is annually reviewed by actuaries at Milliman. Super Blueprint has been in the market since 2011 and is currently supporting a cumulative membership base of over 1.5 million.

Super Blueprint covers the following advice areas:

  • Planning: Focusing on retirement planning and contributions
  • Protecting: Focusing on insurance and helping the member understand what level of cover they require
  • Growing: Provides recommendations to members on how their superannuation should be invested in-line with their risk profile

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Super Blueprint has been built “mobile first”, breaking down complex concepts into simple and easy to understand bite sized chunks.

Link Advice offers an established AFS licensee service, catering to both intra-fund advice and full financial planning. Through this service Link Advice seeks to help your fund provide compliant and best interest advice with support and assistance in the following areas:

  • Financial planning software including configuration, workflows, para-planning and Statement Of Advice templates
  • Audit and compliance covering the review of advice files, Statements Of Advice in addition with the provision of advice policies and standards
  • Education and training to help your planners keep up with their ongoing education obligations including professional development events and an annual conference
  • Research & technical support including the provision and governance of an APL.

Providing compliant and best interest advice with support and assistance across the board

At Link Advice, we understand the importance of integrating external advisers into the advice model available to your members. We have recently built the Adviser Platform to streamline interactions between external advisers and the fund.

Advisers will be able to register for access to the platform through the fund website. Once the adviser has registered, access to the platform is granted. Through the platform, advisers will be able to obtain relevant fund and client information on valid authorities that they hold. All of this can be done at the adviser’s own pace and without the need for lengthy and often numerous calls through to customer service teams.

The Adviser Platform also allows for the adviser to have an ongoing relationship with your fund, and expand your advice reach. Once any partnered external advisers have completed their advice, they are able to use the Adviser Platform to engage in ongoing management of their client’s accounts, promoting real ongoing relationships with your members.

To support this relationship, Link Advice also facilitates advice compliance though the Adviser Platform. This is part of our commitment to supporting the fund’s obligations relating to financial advice. Link Advice conducts reviews on behalf of the trustee to identify compliance to the Best Interest and Sole Purpose Test obligations.

Adviser Central streamlines interactions between external advisers and funds for a holistic approach to ongoing advice

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